Bearing Witness - The Rise of the UK Save Movement by Jane Antcliff-Wilson


This 96 page book views all animals as sentient beings and is written from the perspective of the animals who are sent to slaughter for human consumption. The book also explains the detrimental environmental and health impacts of the meat and dairy industry and promotes a vegan lifestyle and how animal activism will lead the way to a more compassionate world. PG: contains description of factory farm practices and slaughter and occasional swear words.

Review: D. Patel from London - I would highly recommend reading this book. It is easy to read, informative and heart tugging. I would encourage everyone to try and go to a vigil, I know I will be going to one. It was very informative and easy to read and factual. It brought things to reality in terms of how badly they are treated and what actually happens behind closed doors.

Review: Rob from S.Yorks.- This book provides and outlook of the bleak harrowing animal agriculture industry from the animals perspective. It is intensely moving, emotionally engaging and it really allows you to put yourself into the shoes of the animals that we kill and exploit by the billions each year. For other activists, I would highly recommend, as this really gave me a much needed assertive reminder of the 'beings' I am fighting for week in and week out, and the urgency to stand on behalf of the victims of atrocious injustices. If you are someone who considers yourself an animal lover, this is an absolutely essential read !

Review: Vincent from London - Just read Chapter 1 and it is brilliant and a powerful case put forward. Beautifully written and easy to read but not easy reading. Sometimes the truth hurts. A solid well told and very important book.

Review: David from Loughborough - A really honest and thought provoking book which explores factory farming. A really innovative book which needs to be read by all animal lovers.


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