Black Friday 2023

Black Friday we thought long and hard about this year and something we've historically taken part in. This year we've chosen not to take part and we felt we owed you an explanation as to why.

Black Friday is event which, love it or hate it, shoppers have come to expect and whereby small businesses can feel pressured to take part and try and keep up with the "big guys". This year we've watched countless small businesses, vegan businesses and competitors sadly go out of business and we don't wish to be another one to bite the dust. After a year of difficulties, rising operating costs and price rises across our lines, the cost of living crisis has been at the forefront of our customers minds.

We're a small, family run, vegan business, and we understand the extra financial strain our customers are under. Whilst we'd love to give something extra back, we'd rather still be in business for the other 364 days a year to continue to bring you all of the goods you struggle to find elsewhere. We've not increased our shipping costs or our packaging fees (despite the price rises we've faced) and we work hard to get the best prices for our goods, selling at retail price or below wherever we can. So rather than slash our prices for a day or a weekend we've decided this year to #saynotoblackfriday.

So we'd like to encourage you to please join us with shopping small (and local) where you can and helping to keep your small independents alive. The appreciation and love when you shop small is real, and helps keep all of us vegans in a job that we love.

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