Press Release

Heather Mills to Create the Largest British Family supporting Family Vegan Online “V-Bay” Type Store.

Heather Mills award winning vegan food company VBites has offered innovative vegan products online for decades.

Heather has now added a new exciting business to her varied vegan portfolio to offer support to hundreds of family businesses to assist the launch of their own brands.

One of the companies acquired to facilitate this pioneering endeavour has just completed - with the 100% acquisition of the award-winning online plant-based store ‘Alternative Stores’.

Dan John (who is heading to a well deserved retirement) and Zahra, are the father and daughter duo behind Alternative Stores and they are delighted with the sale commenting: 

“We are excited for the future of Alternative Stores with such a passionate vegan pioneer in Heather Mills.

We have built up the most amazing and loyal customer base and know they will be as delighted as we both are for the ideas and plans that Heather and her team are working on. Watch this space!” 

Zahra will continue to work with Heather and her team.

This expansion follows Heather’s recent recognition as 'Vegan Woman of the Year' at the 2024 Vegan Women’s Summit in Los Angeles and her purchase of the Plant & Bean manufacturing facility in Boston, UK and further expands her plant-based footprint.

These initiatives add to Heather Mills' growing portfolio of plant-based enterprises, spearheaded by her pioneering dairy-free, meat-free, and fish-free brand, VBites Foods, which is one of the only large scale facilities owned by a vegan family - operating from 100% plant-based facilities in Peterlee and Corby, UK.

Regarding the acquisition, Ms. Mills commented: 

"I observed too many family businesses struggling to get listed on corporate owned selling websites, facing endless paperwork, poor communication, and exorbitant charges that ultimately harmed their operations. I aim to create an ethical online store that supports family businesses and diminishes the control of large corporations abusing their power.

People may find these companies convenient, however they are harming the consumers pocket and ethics in other ways they have not considered.”

Heather adds:

“Our customers predominantly shop online, so our goal is to create a one - stop shop for convenience to consolidate a wide variety of nutritious and delicious alternative products under a single banner and framework…. from one family site.

We are simplifying the shopping experience for consumers seeking diverse, healthier, and tastier plant-based options.

People lead busy, hardworking lives, and we don't always want to spend an hour online visiting multiple websites. I get that – so why not alleviate that burden if we can?"

“However also choose British family owned businesses as they are the foundation of the economy to support the UK.”

"First, I want to congratulate Dan John on his retirement and thanks to Zahra for continuing to work with me.

Our wider plan is to integrate this offering with the many high protein, delicious alternatives we already produce at VBites, creating a central hub of 'hero' plant based products in one place.”

“From plant-based milk to allergen-free ready meals and ethical sweet treats, we are committed to quality. If it's not fantastic, it won't make it onto the site!” 

“It must have the Heather Mills stamp of approval!”